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Are All Turfs Created Equal?

Are All Turfs Created Equal?

If you are new to Turf installation Houston, Artificial grass installation, synthetic turf, or synthetic grass; it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Polypropyl what? Pile Height? Turf installation Houston, Artificial grass installation? Base and infill, so many details to take into consideration when planning for your artificial turf masterpiece. Thankfully, our professional installers can take any project from concept to complete, helping you make the best informed decisions along the way when it comes to which infill, base and turf best suits your needs. A backyard will get different turf than a ball field while an indoor performance facility may use something different than all three. Rest assured we have the products and solutions to deliver a premier synthetic landscape.

 Here are a few key things to look out for when selecting your turf.

By checking off the above characteristics you know that your turf is safe for the environment and all those that will come in contact with it. We believe in transparency and will only offer eco friendly products through Memorial Green Turf.

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